Homestead Roommate Wanted


Goats are cleaner than cows

(photo credit goes to Cam Mathur)

Homestead Roommate Wanted

In order to homestead, I moved from the beautiful-but-desert-dry landscape of West Texas to the fertile and beautiful rolling green hills of the “Olde Dominion,” a.k.a., southern Virginia. The farm is all I’d hoped for and more, and now I’m looking for a homesteader roommate. I’ve found that not only is this place too big for one person, but quite honestly, growing one’s own food works better when it’s a team effort.

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a homesteader, instead of buying or renting a farm of your own, you could share this one with me for a fraction of the cost and without long-term commitment. No experience is necessary—in fact, this could give you the chance to come and try out the lifestyle on a short-term basis to see if it’s right for you. This would make an excellent sabbatical for someone who needs a change of pace for a while. Who knows? You might like it so well, you’ll never want to go back!

The farm is a 10-acre section of a 30-acre family farm, with usage of the other 20 acres for pasture, water, etc. We’d be sharing a 3BR, 2BA brick ranch house on the farm, and there’s a mobile home on the farm as well that I’m remodeling for WWOOFers (organic farm volunteers) who will come help out on the farm. If yurts are your thing, we could talk about putting one up on the farm somewhere, giving you more privacy.

There’s a great chicken coop in place, big enough to happily sustain about 40 hens if we wanted that many, and I’m about halfway done fencing in their HUGE chicken run. There’s plenty of pasture here, enough wooded land to sustain our woodstove with just the trees that fall naturally, and a couple natural springs on the farm.  I’m also halfway done fencing in the garden, and there are multiple fruit and nut trees on the farm already.

Instead of renting an apartment in the noisy, polluted city, or shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars for your own farm, consider carving out a life for yourself out here in the laid-back tranquility of southern Virginia, and grow your own organic/grass-fed/cage-free food! Your part of the rent/expenses would be $300/month rent, half the utilities, your own food, transportation, etc. At this point, I’ve got a virtually endless supply of free pallets which make great raw material for building sheds/coops/fencing, etc., while keeping your carbon footprint on the earth a small one.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, reply here and let’s talk about it! Feel free to ask any questions you might have. While no farm experience is necessary, I will be requiring references for anyone who comes to live with me, as you can surely understand. A character reference, an employment reference, and a rental reference, all from someone not related to you, will be necessary.

So what have I left out? Do you have any questions? Ask away!

Sweet Dominion 1

Summertime at Sweet Dominion


Our last big snowstorm–four inches!  This is the rosemary in the herb garden.

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